Automotive Innovations Ltd. is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and distributor of vehicle infotainment solutions.

We have offices in Hong Kong and a production facility in Shenzhen, China

Our products are built upon the principle of breathing new life into the infotainment systems found in premium vehicles. Founded in 2010, we have long been a market leader in producing car video interfaces that integrate seamlessly with original equipment, whilst providing new and exciting features such as Apple CarPlay and reversing camera integration to give your vehicle a new lease of life.

We distribute to trade customers worldwide. All of the products we distribute are engineered with longevity and integrity in mind and extensively tested in European vehicles to ensure worldwide compatibility.

Since 2018, we have launched our direct E-commerce platform, which allows individual customers worldwide to purchase products directly from us. Products are shipped via DHL express for peace of mind.

We strive for long term co-operation with our trade customers, and are always on hand to provide installation and warranty support.